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The 28 to Regenerate Series delivers powerful strategies, tips and health secrets right to your email inbox on a daily basis for 28 days. Each day provides an implementation strategy and a brief explanation behind the strategy. Small daily changes lead to a lifetime of beneficial habits.


Discover unique strategies designed to help you to wake up refreshed, ready to spring out of bed.


Mystify your mind with the Happiness Potion or Unlock the Perfect Day Formula


Transform your workspace & discover ways to multi-task and fast track a fool-proof formula for clutter control.


Practical tips to supercharge cellular regeneration, and why it is so critical for optimal health.


Reshape your attitude and see life's obstacles differently with simple meditation that channel focus.


Goal setting strategies, because not much is worth doing without a goal.


A simple guide to enable the electronic stress force-field and uncover hidden truths about air, water and wi-fi.


Facts, hacks, and snacks: Answers to several other subjects like nutrition and health.

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More About Jonathan D. Tait, D.O.

Dr. Tait is the Founder of Rejuv Medical Southwest in Tucson, Arizona, author of The Pain Free Diet, and a sought after speaker. He is a specialist in Functional and Regenerative Medicine working daily in his practice to construct comprehensive treatment plans for patients frustrated with the complexity, confusion, and often underwhelming results of conventional methods utilized to “manage” pain.  

In his practice, he seeks to determine the root cause of disease and symptoms for each patient.  He believes the healthcare experience should be enjoyable and freeing - freeing patients from pain and sub-optimal health, so that they can live their best quality of life. With a deep understanding of their health issues, and the proper guidance, patients reclaim possession of their health journey. They can, and should, get better with treatment and a proper game-plan like the 28 to Regenerate. 

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